Direct Donation Drive

Our goal is to make fundraising as efficient as possible. The Direct Drive replaced both our annual auction and gift wrap sale. This year we also retired our parent and teacher hosted Hawktion Parties. With the Direct Drive, 100% of contributions fund PTO programming.

Here are just a few examples of how your familys gift will help:

  • Your family’s gift of $10 purchases two plants for our school garden
  • Your family’s gift of $30 buys childcare at a parent workshop
  • Your family’s gift of $50 reimburses staff for classroom items
  • Your family’s gift of $150 covers a week of Power of Partnership tutoring
  • Your family’s gift of $300 rents the transportation for a field trip
  • Your family’s gift of $1,000 pays for our STEM Week’s programs

Our goal of $16,000 translates to a contribution of $30 per Holmes student.  You can contribute via PayPal by using the Donate button below or clicking here. You can also complete the enclosed form and return it to school with a check or cash.

The Direct Drive ends on October 28th.

What you share — whether through a donation to this Direct Drive or through time you give at the school — contributes directly to our children’s educational experience and success.

Thank you.