Teacher Feature: Sameeha Qureshi

Teacher features give us an opportunity to get to know members of our Holmes Community a little better.
Where did you grow up?
in Summit, a tiny town near Midway Airport
Where did you live before you came to Holmes?
I've been living in Romeoville ever since I was married, almost 5 years ago
If you hadn’t gone into education, what’s another career you might have considered?
I've always loved education, but briefly majored in architecture design in undergrad
Can you tell us a bit about your family?
I have my husband, Saad, our daughter, Jannah who recently turned 2, and I am the youngest of 4 siblings.  We are all very close!
What is something that makes you happy?
Lots of things, but if I had to pick one...when my students show growth because then I know I'm doing my job...something else, chocolate makes me happy!
What is something that upsets you?
When people are mistreated or discriminated against.
What is the trait you most frown upon in yourself?
I can always use a little more patience.
What is the trait you most frown upon in others?
When people are dishonest.
What is your greatest extravagance?
Well, we just purchased our very own home!  It is still surreal and feels like an extravagance to me!
If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be?
I would not procrastinate as much as I do...for example, this survey.
What do you consider a great personal achievement?
Being a mom, being a teacher, and being there for my loved ones when they need me.
What is something that you treasure?
I have a box of memories from when I was younger, and have it in a very safe place.
Do you have any pet peeves?
When people rub their hands together...it sounds weird but I cannot handle it!
What is your motto?
Take it one step at a time.
What was your favorite subject in high school?
What was one extra-curricular activity you did that might (or might not) surprise people?
I was editor of our high school newspaper.
What is one of your favorite journeys?
I take an hour journey to school every morning! Its my "me" time.
If you won a trip to anywhere in the world, where would you choose to go?
Pompeii, Italy.  I loved learning about Mt. Vesuvius as a child, and have always wanted to visit the ruins.